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    Jiaojiang district held a "sewing equipment industry enterprise forum"

    Date:2014-8-8 15:49:46

          August 6, jiaojiang district sewing equipment industry enterprises symposium held.Jiaojiang district party committee secretary Chen xiangrong, district head jiang guoping attended the meeting.The meeting heard the speech of key backbone enterprises of sewing equipment representatives, Chen xiangrong made "on the integration of the whole district sewing equipment industry guidance opinions" speech.

          Hong hesheng, deputy secretary of the gemstone party committee, attended the meeting.'consolidation of the sewing equipment industry is the trend and the time has come for consolidation,' Mr. Hong said in a speech.Only by speeding up the integration and implementing the combination of the strong and the strong can we achieve development as a group.There are many successful domestic precedents in the integration of industries.In fact, as early as many years ago, people of insight on the integration of some industries in taizhou, but few successful cases.It can be seen that it is very difficult to integrate an industry, especially a large industry like sewing equipment that has a wide influence in the world.
          What is the reason, Mr. Hong said, besides timing and the industry's own characteristics, is tied to the owners' perception and the government's lack of guidance and support.If we want to integrate the sewing equipment industry, we must make up our minds and take it seriously. The government and enterprises should work together.Only in this way, the integration of industry can not stay on paper, in order to form a joint force.
          To this end, hong proposed six Suggestions: first, the government should take the lead in organizing industry associations and relevant enterprises to conduct a detailed survey;Second, we must unify our understanding and thoughts.This point is the most critical, only in this way, we can come together, and seek common industrial development plan;Third, formulate scientific and reasonable implementation plans;Fourth, to elect an industry recognized brand;Fifth, the government should plan a unified industrial park.Sixth, the government and relevant departments should issue a special support policy.
          It is understood that in the next stage, the district will formulate detailed integration plans on the basis of full investigation, and then convene relevant enterprises to hold a coordination meeting, and form the minutes of the meeting, in order to implement the integration plan of sewing equipment industry as soon as possible.